About Screen Mirror

With Screen Mirror, you can mirror your Android smartphone's screen over WiFi and access it from any browser from any other device on your Wi-Fi network.
Just open screenmirrorapp.com on your target device, start the mirroring process (screen mirroring) on your Android smartphone, scan the QR code and the mirroring will start immediately. No additional software is required on the target device.

Screen Mirror is ideal if, for example, you want to show off your smartphone screen to an audience or share photos with your family via a larger monitor.

Caution - Please read before use:
In order to work correctly, your Android device and your target device (computer, notebook or tablet) must be on the same Wi-Fi network (Smartphone hotspot connection is also possible). In addition, an internet connection is required. SmartTVs must support JavaScript and the image format used to work properly (not all models work, please email us if you need help). For more information, please watch our how-to video on YouTube.
Please note that Screen Mirror only transmits your screen, but not your device's audio.

Works with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Samsung MU series (Smart TV, 2018 versions).

Also, please note that the transmission offset (the amount of time the mirrored screen is delayed) is highly dependent on the processing power of your Android device as well as the speed of the WiFi connection. To achieve good performance, a stable WiFi connection and a device with a strong processor is beneficial.

Screen Mirroring is not supported by all Android devices and Android versions (at least Android 5.0). If you are having issues with your device or have questions or feedback, email us (support.screenmirror@zipoapps.com)!

Screen Mirror contains ads that are displayed at the end of each session. To disable the ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version. This can be done in the side-bar menu, just click on "Upgrade to Pro".